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Enterprise Resource Planning


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are notoriously difficult and costly to implement. Once implemented, organisations need to ensure they are continually aligned to the needs of the business. If this is not done properly, you will inevitably find an underperforming asset that puts your company at risk.

We provide strategy and implementation support across the ERP Lifecycle. Our unique proposition is that we're system agnostic, vendor independent and have over thirty years’ experience to draw on.

It is our mission to empower our client in the Learning Management space and ensure a viable Return on investment

Our offering is grouped into five areas. Each section is suffixed with an X to represent the various services that are available.

  1. BusProcess-X
    • Business Process Review
    • Business Process Improvement
    • Business Process Re-Engineering
    • Business Process HealthCheck
  2. BusCase-X
    • Total Cost of Ownership
    • Business Case Development
    • Business Case Assurance
    • ROI Models
  3. QA-X
    • Quality Assurance is the backbone to any ERP management effort. Our services in this area include:
      • Test Strategy Development
      • User Acceptance Testing
      • Test Case Automation
  4. 3P-X
    • The 3Ps refer to Portfolios, Programs, and Projects. Each of these has a critical role to play in managing the ERP Lifecycle.
      • Projects are the vehicles for change. They focus on producing unique outputs, within time and budget constraints but according to stakeholder requirements.
      • Programs refer to a collection of projects that are managed in a coordinated way to achieve benefits and control that wouldn't otherwise be available by managing them separately. Programs could also include elements of work that fall outside of the scope of the individual projects in the program.
      • Portfolios are made up projects or programs that are grouped together to facilitate effective management to meet strategic business objectives. The projects or programs of the portfolio may not necessarily be interdependent or directly related.
    • We are specialists in conceptualizing, planning, and managing these vehicles for change - especially in the ERP Lifecycle space. Our services can be grouped into Initiation, Assurance, Support, and Advisory.
  5. ERP-X
    • ERP-X refers to any combination of supporting services to suit your requirements. In terms of the ERP Lifecycle, we typically refer to work packages and tasks such as:
      • Blueprinting
      • Risk Reviews
      • HealthChecks
      • Implementation Audits
      • Readiness Assessments
      • Steerco support

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