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Totara LMS

Learning Management System

Why Totara LMS

Totara LMS is a cost effective Learning Management System that is used by millions of learners around the world. Totara LMS is a customized distribution of Moodle, created for the corporate sector.

Totara LMS meets the management requirements of fast growing organizations and delivers the benefits of open source software. Today, more than ever, the achievement of your business objectives is dependent upon the knowledge, skills and experience of your workforce.

Totara LMS significantly reducing the cost of your learning management, with advanced functionality for workplace learning. Totara LMS also has possible integrations with HR systems that are really fast to develop.

Its ecosystem of plug-ins and themes makes it flexible and easy to customise. It's the perfect platform for blended learning. It is deemed to work really well for training organisations and small workplace learning programs as well as an enterprise learning platform.

Totara LMS enables you to deliver learning effectively through individual learning plans which reflect your employees’ roles, training needs and objectives. Totara LMS is a functionally rich learning platform which can be implemented quickly and at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions.

Key Benefits

  1. Open source

    Totara LMS is an open source software, that means that the system is fully customisable to the customers’ needs.

  2. Hierarchies

    Hierarchies is one of Totara LMS biggest features, this helps you build a ranking system for your staff, by doing this it becomes easier to manage them.

  3. Competencies

    Competencies are a great way to measure the skills, knowledge or behaviours that your staff need in order to on a task or job. 

  4. Sophisticated Reporting

    Totara LMS has a very comprehensive reporting capability which allows you to customize your reporting to your own needs. Scheduled reports can be sent via email at specified times.

  5. Inexpensive

    Totara LMS is very inexpensive compared with other systems that have similar capabilities. also they are award winning 2012 Best of Elearning! Award of Excellence – Best Open Source Solutions, 2012 Winner; Open Source Use in Business, 2011 Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Awards – Best Advance in Learning Management Technology,

  6. Ecommerce friendly (integration available)

    Since Totara LMS is an open source, It can be integrated integratable with E Commerce.

  7. Multiple languages

    Languages include English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese and Swedish. Totara LMS also comes in Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew and Japanese. This gives Totara LMS an advantage over the competition.

  8. Learning Plans

    Show all the learning, competencies, and objectives employees are working on now, their upcoming deadlines, what is mandatory, and what to prioritize. Learners monitor their progress and directly access learning activities from their plan.

  9. Compliance, certifications, Badges and programs of learning.

    Totara LMS makes managing regulatory compliance simple. Certification and badges on Totara LMS is an easy to use way to manage and confirm the learner capabilities. Define and manage the structure of certifications and recertification paths. Set expiration dates.

  10. Mobile Learning enabled

    Out-of-the-box Totara Learning products are designed to be fully responsive – meaning the user interface will adjust seamlessly depending on what device you are using; desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

  11. Managing performance

    Powerful tools to manage employee performance. Conduct appraisals, Discussion, feedback and analysis between managers and employees. Align performance with personal and company goals. Asses skills and competencies.

  12. Competency based learning and performance frameworks

    Create multiple competency frameworks, with and without hierarchies. Map competencies to positions, organizations, and courses. Competencies automatically appear in learning plans to users assigned to those positions and organizations. Link courses to competencies to automatically populate learning plans.

  13. Team Management

    Regular team performance check-ins help keep your teams working like a well-oiled machine. Dashboard provides up-to-date information about team activity. Managers can approve and deny learning event requests. Create, update, delete and approve learning plans.

  14. Single Sign-On and Web Services

    Totara LMS helps you streamline your user experience through integration with all major enterprise Single Sign On (SSO) standards including SAML, LDAP, NTLM and Shibboleth. Totara LMS also accommodates any custom system integration through 

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