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Strat Cafe Academy

Our Academy focuses on all things learning and learning related. We specialize in Learning Strategies, course creation, and rapid eLearning. Other services include face-to-face, virtual, and blended training, as well as facilitation for discovery based learning environments. Through our relationships with key partners, we also have access to exciting Training Catalogues that have been designed for the needs of today's challenging economic climate.

Through our academy we can provide the following:

  1. Train-the-Trainer and Train-the-administrator Programmes

    Our structured train-the-trainer course and train-the-administrator course will ensure that you decrease costs, improve user experience and increase user engagement. By empowering our clients we ensure a sustainable investment and guaranteed ROI

  2. K8 Training Catalogue

    We have developed a comprehensive training suite of courses to facilitate training on the K8 ERP system. The courses are designed to be adapted to the custom needs of the clients.

  3. Hosting

    We have a range of hosting services from shared hosting, through to dedicated hosting and load balanced systems. We own and manage our own hosting platform which means that you can be sure your Totara site is in the best of hands. Your fully-managed Totara hosting is supported by our expert technicians who ensure your Totara site is available 24/7.

  4. Customisation

    Stratcafe has access to a comprehensive pool of developers to assist our clients to realise the custom requirement development that Totara lend itself to.

  5. System Integration

    The possibility of HR System integration exists within the context of availability to HR system resources and data. Stratcafe can facilitate the develop of these HR system integrations via the pool of available developers.

Some of our services include:

  • Learning Strategies
    • Learning Paths
    • Learning Programmes
    • Competency frameworks
  • Rapid eLearning
  • Course creation and Instructional Design
  • Training Services
    • Face-to-face
    • Virtual
    • Blended
    • Facilitation
  • Training Catalogues

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